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Social media plays a large part in creating a positive reputation, but it’s not your only avenue. The internet is a large place, and full of opportunities for you and your business. Creating content for entertainment or information is a challenge in and of itself, but well worth the effort. Blog posts, informative infographics or videos, and relevant articles all play a part in not only gaining attention, but keeping it. In an environment where all news is old news, it’s important to maintain interest.

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Consider what information it is that you want your audience to have, and find the best place to spread that information. For example, if you’re launching a new product, a text-only Facebook post might generate some excitement, but it’s not going to be your best path – instead, consider creating a video for the product. A link is easily spread like wildfire, and if you present the product in the right way, the chance of getting more attention is exponentially higher.

A properly worded ‘press release’ can bring in the wanted attention, but the online climate is more prone to passing on images. Short attention spans can be tricky to work with, but it’s not impossible. Quick glances can inspire awe, amusement, or want, while text is only likely to be passed over by the average user. Clever captions are a bonus, but bogging down a post with heaps of information is likely to be scrolled past.

Even if you choose to use the beneficial blog platform, throwing in a few relevant images into the mix is a good idea – it’s a common feature in the most widely ‘shared’ posts, all across the world wide web. Text-based information isn’t likely to ever fade away completely, but images have a knack for not only illustrating a point, but for keeping a reader’s attention, as well.

internet marketingAnother trend that’s stuck around for the past few years is simplicity. The most successful companies in the world have embraced this trend, from Google to Apple. Streamlined aesthetic-based ads that are easily digested by the average consumer. Minimalistic approaches to ad campaigns are nothing groundbreaking, but they are very much effective in the way the audience sees them. A small ad in the corner of a screen, free of clutter, with just enough information to entice. Stretching this tactic to your social media presence can be beneficial, as well – a few carefully chosen words, and a clean image that can be seen and shared by thousands.

Marketing yourself and your business in the digital age can be tricky, and finding the right niche to promote yourself in is always going to be important, but it still comes back to ‘old world’ basics: find out what your audience wants, and fulfill that want. If you’re a tech-based professional, for example, find interesting articles about relevant products, and write a blog post about your opinions on it. The same goes for any profession, or even business.